Mini Valet

Prices From: £40

This is the entry level valet, perfect for clients with busier lifestyles or customers who do not have time to maintain their vehicle. This valet will leave both the interior and exterior clean and smelling fresh.

Full Valet

Prices From: £80

This is the valet for clients that have neglected their cars, both the interior and exterior get cleansed and protected to leave your car feeling, smelling and looking as good as it did when it left the showroom. This service is equally the best if it has become the time to sell your car. It will increase the client’s chance of getting a higher value for their car.

Interior Valet

Prices From: £50

The Interior Valet is for cars that have had the interior neglected, spillages or lots of dirt. This valet will bring the interior back to looking, smelling and feeling new. A real must for any customer that likes to keep on top of their exterior but doesnt have the time or knowledge to take care of the delicate interior.

Exterior Valet

Prices From: £50

The Exterior Valet is ideal for clients that dont have time to look after their car. By removing the baked on tar and polishing the scratches to restore the gloss of the paint, this service will bring your car back to looking new again